TS Verbindungsteile
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P.O Box Jeddah 23452-2515 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Tel: +966550649888
  • Fax +966(12)6085677
  • Email: cttc@cttc-sa.com

TS Verbindungsteile
TS Verbindungsteile" excel in the industries it serves throughout the world with its range of custom-made fasteners and special bolts.Showcasing 44 years of experience in working with every type of stainless steel and alloy, TS is able to focus solely on solving

challenges customers face with in the world of fasteners.From their original base in Germany, growth has extended through Europe, across to America, Australia, Asia and Middle East.

With Us Forget Corrosion
In CTTC precise selection for the suitable thermoplastic material to design the required valves or pipes is available upon client requirements and environmental conditions. Special designs for a certain application with different control schemes is available under deep engineering analysis.Complex systems in harsh industrial environments have a high demand for highly designed and carefully selected material parts like custom-made fasteners and special bolts.
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