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over 400 qualified employees working on the production, development and distribution of innovative thermoplastic products, offering everything from standard straight pieces to custom-engineered solution in areas such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries,
steel pickling, chlorine chemistry, water conditioning and much more

It doesn't matter whether you are looking for on/o‑ valves, measurement valves, control valves or special valves. FRANK GmbH can provide all the components from a single source. The service includes comprehensive advice from a team of experts with appropriate
choice of material for your application. FRANK Gmbh experience with a wide range of chemicals stretches back over 50 years

With Us Forget Corrosion
In CTTC precise selection for the suitable thermoplastic material to design the required valves or pipes is available upon client requirements and environmental conditions. Special designs for a certain application with different control schemes is available under deep engineering analysis.Complex systems in harsh industrial environments have a high demand for highly designed and carefully selected material parts like custom-made fasteners and special bolts.
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